VIPER Lunar Rover
Created to support the unveiling of NASA's new lunar rover. Textured VIPER rover model + textures created by Johnson Space Center/Alberto Bertolin. I converted their FBX for use in Maya/Arnold and built a lunar environment with lighting based on storyboards I created to guide development and client approval. 
Digital Matte Environments
A selection of digital matte images. Live action footage was motion tracked, then a simplified 3D environment created to match the existing scene with modeled enhancements added. Over-painting was done in Photoshop and the cg additions were composited using Nuke and Fusion.
SOFIA Airborne Observatory
A model built for a series of videos highlighting this airborne observatory, based on a converted 747sp aircraft. I modeled it from reference images found on the internet then integrated project-supplied .sla files of the internal telescope.
Small Satellite Visualizations
For a number of small satellite missions I created short animated shareables that provided a mission overview that illustrated milestones and objectives. Using CAD files provided by the project, I converted and optimized them for animation, created low-Earth environments and rendered/composited the final shots then edited them into a final video in Adobe Premiere.
Apollo 11 Flyover
As teamleader of a digital matte group I led three artists in the research and development of 3D assets to recreate the conditions of launch pad 39A at Cape Canaveral on July 16, 1969. I was responsible for creating various outlying buildings, the surrounding landscape and setting up lighting, rendering and compositing of the final shot.
International Space Station (Work in Progress)
A series of work in progress images depicting the international space station 50 years in the future, with docked Mars spacecraft and Living Modules.
Lens Blossom
An experiment in Maya and Mental Ray, using lights, reflection and refraction to create dynamic changes to the environment. I modeled the scene elements, created the shaders and lighting and set up the cameras and renders.
T-54 Tank
As a proof of concept for a proposed Human Rights Watch commercial I modeled an Chinese T-34 tank from Tianneman Square. Constructed in Maya from online photo reference.
Abu Dhabi Transit Hub
A visualization of a proposed transit hub that would help reduce traffic congestion in the city center. I researched the location, found a suitable image and used it as a base to create a transit station and associated buses/traffic.. 3D Elements built in Maya and rendered in Mental Ray. Overpainting in Photoshop.
Panama Canal Visualization
Images created to support a proposal to create enlarged canals that can accommodate newer container ships. Using reference images from the internet I modeled and textured the locks and surrounding infrastructure using Maya.
Convention Center, Gabon
A series of visualizations to support a bid to develop a convention center for the city of Libreville, Gabon. Working with project architects, I built the structure and surrounding landscape then rendered and composited the images in Photoshop.
NASA Twitch Titles
For NASA in Silicon Valley's Twitch program I created a series of animations, including a countdown clock, main title and segment roll-ins all utilizing a fantastical "NASA Land", highlighting areas of research at NASA's Ames Research Center from an isometric angle that referenced strategy games.