NSS Lunar Mission
Excerpts from a storyboard to guide development of a short video depicting the landing, deployment and function of instruments on a lunar lander.
The Stag
Storyboards for a short film that sets the Greek myth of Diana and Acteon, in the suburbs. Diana, seen bathing by Acteon, set her dogs on him (or, in this case, her brothers in their Camero.)
HP Conference Graphics Concepts
A selection of storyboards and concepts illustrating the transformative power of HP technology. The vertical panels were concepts for Lenticular Conference screens in which the image would change as the viewer moved past. Several of the concepts had a filmed component for which I created storyboards for client pitches.
Dragonfly Television Storyboards
Excerpts from several episodes of storyboards for Dragonfly Television, a science program for children produced by public television. I was brought onto the project to provide some visual direction to aid them in shooting within a green-screen environment.
HP Transformation Storyboards
Storyboards showing various scenarios in which technology benefits and enriches our lives. I worked with a production company to illustrate a variety of vignettes
BRAF MOA Animation Storyboard
Method of Action storyboards showing the process by which this anti-cancer drug fights tumor cells.
Herceptin MOA Storyboard Excerpt
An excerpt from a storyboard illustrating the method of action for this anti-cancer drug. The challenge in this project came from working with researchers to develop the sequence of events, conduct additional research to find existing visual information and develop imagery that would effectively convey the biological processes.
The Cat (Excerpt)
An Astronaut's ship blows up on re-entry, propelling him into a series of alternate realities. Excerpt from a graphic novel. Pen and Ink, scanned and colored in Photoshop.